Three-quarter frontal view of Altar Clock consisting of a large ebonized architectural case with gilt-bronze dial and decorative pinacles
Hans Bushman
ca. 1635
Automaton Lion Clock consisting of a gilt-bronze lion holding up a dial, placed on a ebonized base
Christoph Miller
Front view of Barometer Clock with Boulle marquetry consisting of inlaid tortoiseshell, pewter, and gilt bronze, set against ebonized wood. Beneath the enameled dial are two figures in gilt bronze, one a young female and the other an old man with wings, representing the passing of time
André-Charles Boulle
ca. 1690–1700
Front view of Bracket Clock with gilt bronze elements such as the handle, keyhole and decorative vegetal elements
George Graham
ca. 1695–97
Three-quarter front view of Carriage Clock with Calendar in a neoclassical gilt bronze case
Abraham-Louis Breguet
Terracotta sculpture of three nymphs supporting a clock.  There are two nude female figures, one of them is clothed in a gauzy fabric dress.  They each have their arms raised above them and seem to be dancing while looking up at a circular orb that contains a clock.
Claude Michel, called Clodion
Front view of Double-Dial Desk Watch Showing Decimal and Traditional Time
Abraham-Louis Breguet
ca. 1795–after 1807
Frontal view of Gilt Brass Coach Clock-Watch showing a dial with engraved decoration of a standing nude female figure and child
Pierre Norry
View from above of Gilt-Brass Drum Table Clock
Pierre Auvray
ca. 1575
Front view of French Renaissance Gilt Brass Table Clock with a Later Movement
French, Sixteenth Century
ca. 1550
Three-quarter frontal view of Gilt-Brass Tower Table Clock
Hans Koch
ca. 1575
Front view of Hague Clock with silver dial set against an architectural case made of veneered tortoiseshell and ebonized wood
Benjamin Lisle
probably ca. 1678–85
Front view of longcase clock with marquetry of pewter and tortoiseshell and dial made of gilt bronze, surrounded by male figures of the same material
André-Charles Boulle
ca. 1677
Front view of rectangular Longcase Clock consisting of a marqueted olive wood case and a gilt-brass dial
Edward East
ca. 1675–80
Front view of longcase clock showing marqueted vegetal motifs
Edward East
Three-quarter front view of Longcase Regulator Clock
Balthazar Lieutaud
Mantel Clock in gilt bronze with two cherubs on either side of the dial
Ferdinand Berthoud
ca. 1770
Frontal view of Mantel Clock in gilt bronze and marble with Attributes of Ceres, Venus, and Bacchus
French, Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century
ca. 1790
Front view of Mantel Clock, consisting of a luxurious mix of materials, including a gilt bronze dial held up by a figure of time in the same material, ivory twist pillars on the corners and glit bronze fire urns crowning a marqueted tortoiseshell and pewter case
André-Charles Boulle
ca. 1675
Front view of Mantel Regulator Clock showing the four suspended dials supported by a wood frame with tuscan columns
Charles Mugnier
ca. 1823
Image of Silver gilt Pendant Clock opened to reveal the dial on the intricately carved body of the clock and a coat of arms on the underside of the lid
Abraham Gribelin
ca. 1620
Frontal view of Pendant Watch with enamed dial framed in gilt bronze
Chavannes le Jeune
ca. 1660
Front view of Pendant Watch with enameled polycrhome dial decorated in the center with an image of two draped female figures in embrace
Henry Arlaud
ca. 1685
Front view of Pendant Watch with delicate enameld polychrome decoration
C. De Lespée
ca. 1620
Front view of pendant watch with an enamel dial
ca. 1765